Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oh so tired..

Cannon hasn't been taking naps very good lately.  I've still been putting him in his room for "quiet time" but he just plays the whole time while he's in there.  I took this video last week at dinnertime on one of his napless days.  I think my favorite part about it is the fact that he is still holding on to his quesadilla, oh and his awesome blue necklace that he wanted to wear.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

6 Months old!

My little sweet Lillian Sage is 6 MONTHS OLD today!! I know, I know, if you saw her you would think she is about 3 months old (this girl is tiny!) But to me she has gotten big, and it has happened way too fast! She is rolling all over the place, and is starting to scoot forward a little.  She already has her bottom two front teeth! She loves to smile and laugh, especially for her big brother. She absolutley adores Cannon! He is usually pretty nice to her, but sometimes treats her like a boy and wrestles her to the ground. Here are a few pictures I took the last few days.

Cannon likes to climb in her crib with her

Playing peek a boo

Her two teeth

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas 2010!

Christmas just flew by this year!  It was a good one though.  It was fun to see Cannon get excited about everything.  He's old enough now to be excited about the presents and treats, but not old enough that we really had to spend a whole lot of money on him.  He was ecstatic about the candy cane and bubble gum in his stocking, just as much as he was about his main present from Santa, a Thomas the Train set.  It was also fun to teach him about the true meaning of christmas and read about baby jesus and play with his little toy nativity set.  Baby jesus was his favorite figurine of course.  We probably played "hide the baby jesus game" daily for a month.  Lily had no idea what was going on, so we hardly got her anything.  Her most exciting present was a glow worm that Grandma and Grandpa gave her.
Family Picture on Christmas Eve

Grandma and Grandpa Evans

Lily's first Christmas!

The cousin gift exchange on Christmas Eve.

"I don't even know what Christmas is but I'm still so Excited!"

My little Santa Baby

Christmas Morning  (I bribed Cannon with some more candy from his stocking if he would sit still and hold Lily for a picture.  This was the best I could get:)

Winter Photo Shoot

Once again my fabulous sister in law Sarah took some awesome pictures of us while she was in town.  We weren't able to plan a time to do family pictures but I was able to have these adorable ones of Cannon and Lily taken.  Thanks again Sarah! 
This was the one we used for our Christmas card this year.

My little GQ model

I love this one of Lily in the protective hands of her brother.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lillian's Blessing

We blessed Lillian last sunday at my parents house.  Kevin gave a wonderful blessing and she was so good the whole time.  I was a little worried that she would cry, but she just looked around at everyone.  Kevin's parents came down from Idaho for the occasion which was nice! 

Family picture before the blessing

Cannon and his Uncle Steve

Dad and daughter picture

Lily with both grandparents

Kevin's parents and Kim and Ryan


For Halloween this year Cannon was a spider and Lily was a ladybug.  Since they were both insects, kevin and I decided last minute to dress up as bug catchers.  Of course Kevin had to put his fake teeth in to complete his costume. 

At our ward trunk or treat

Cannon showing us his spider head

"Come get some candy little kids!"

This was Cannon's face as he was looking at Kevin's teeth

Friday, October 15, 2010

2 Months Old!

My little sweet Lillian is 2 months old today!  I cannot believe how fast this time has gone with her.  Seriously, how do I slow time down?  She loves to smile at anyone who will pay attention and talk to her!  She is happy as can be as long as she is being held (don't even think of putting her down:)  She will, however sit in her swing, or infant seat as long as I am in her sight the whole time and I stop and talk to her every minute or so.  This girl LOVES attention.  I don't mind though, because I'm sure I will miss this when she is a teenager and wants nothing to do with me:)

Cannon is such a good brother!  He is always putting his arm around Lily, patting her head, and holding her hand.  He always wants her to play with him and says "Baby Yiyee (Lily, he can't say L's) play cars"  or "Baby Yiyee play blocks with me."  I have to explain that she is too little to play, but soon she will be able to.  I hope they will be good friends!